StressProof Retreat

The StressProof Retreat is an intimate, two-day training event that allows participants to experience all four core courses in a single weekend trip.
Retreats are designed for intimate groups of 5-15 participants, and held at secluded locations within the mountains and barrier islands of North Carolina.

Unplug, unwind, and find the path to a stronger, calmer you.

To book a retreat for your team or organization, and for more information on locations and pricing, please click below, stating preferred date range and estimated number of participants.
We respond to all inquires within 48 hours, but please note that most retreat events are booked at least 3-6 months in advance.




Free yourself from the unending cycle of stress and anxiety, and learn to thrive in an changing, uncertain world. Map the contours of your  stress response. Identify root causes and triggers. Learn how to reboot, reset, and incolulate yourself against the effects of chronic stress. Restructure your life to cultivate calmness by default, and resilience when required.


Gain mastery over the machines, cast off the shackles of time-sucking social networks, and redefine your relationship with modern technology. Learn to spot the symptoms of maladaptive tech habits in yourself and others. Identify the conscious and unconscious patterns that drive technology addiction. Establish long-term strategies for establishing balance in your virtual life.


Take radical responsibility for your own protection, and become your own bodyguard - using the skills, methods, and strategies of elite security professionals. Uncover and ignite your inborn protective instincts. Learn how to anticipate and avoid potential assaults. See and practice military-grade tactics for practical self-protection in any situation.



Master the subtle art of fighting without fighting, and lean into tough conversations with calmness and confidence. Uncover the hidden origins of conflict and coercion. Learn to recognize common types and patterns. See, understand, and practice the essential tactics and techniques for de-escalating verbal and emotional conflicts of all kinds.