TechProof Workshop

Who is in charge - you, or the machines?

The TechProof workshop helps compulsive technophiles to redefine their relationship with their devices, and provides long-term strategies for rebalancing real and virtual life


In our TechProof course, we'll help you learn the KnAC for mindful, focused navigation of our dizzying, hyper-connected world


understand your conscious and unconscious responses to digital technology, and the drivers behind them



learn how to observe yourself and others for the symptoms of tech compulsion, and how to distinguish legitimate use from escapism


practice short and long term stratgies for re-establishing balance and attention, and improve your effectiveness in real, social interactions

TechProof is offered in a variety of formats:


The TechProof Workshop seeks to counteract the seductive lure of news, messaging, and social media consumption, with a view to eliminating its more destructive effects. The Internet of today is not the  thing it once was. Complusive use of email, messaging, gaming, social media, adult sites and chatrooms is widespread. 
Like gambling, substance abuse, and other forms of compulsive behavior, this digital technology addiction is having profound effects on our health, life, and happiness. This course aims to restore the balance. Elements include:

  • Understanding - types, features, and definitions of tech addiction
  • Diagnosis - spotting compulsive and maladaptive behaviors
  • Recognition - acknowledging the role of anxiety and discomfort
  • Rebooting - breaking free from unconscious patterns and habits
  • Reintegration - mastering the robots in the long-term


The TechProof workshop enhances awareness of the role of digital technology in our lives, and offers practical control measures for rebalancing our human and digital selves. The live, 60-minute core workshop is reinforced by a 30-day course workbook, which helps to ensure implementation and habit change in the long term. At the end of the 30-day program, participants are encrouaged to submit results and impressions, and course graudates are issued with an official cerfiticate of completion.

Venue Requirements

All workshops require adequate seating and data projection facilities. Ideally, the venue should be removed from the participants’ immediate work environment.  Workshop duration and delivery format are both flexible, and can be adjusted to fit the venue as necessary.


Cost Options

Fees are dependent on workshop length and geographic location. For locations within the state of North Carolina, these costs include all Instructor travel / lodging expenses. For other states / countries, additional travel and lodging expenses will be mutually agreed. To ensure individualized attention for all participants, our standard maximum capacity for all workshops is set at 25. Larger groups can be accommodated by special arrangement, charged at the same, location-based unit price.

See our calendar for workshop availability. Or, fill out our contact form and we'll be in touch.