ThreatProof Workshop

Who will decide if you live or survive?

The ThreatProof Workshop empowers everyday people with the essential principles of practical self-protection.  It is suited to groups, teams, and individuals of all backgrounds and ability levels.


In our ThreatProof course, we'll help you learn the KnAC for practical situational awareness and protection


understand the psychological needs that drive predatory (and prey-like) behaviour



learn how to scan your environment for potential threats, and how to filter your protective instincts and intuitions


learn powerful, practical self-protection tactics, and gain confidence in your ability to defend yourself and your family

ThreatProof is offered in a variety of formats:


The ThreatProof Workshop provides an immediate, practical foundation in self protection for employees of all ages and genders. This simple, yet powerful course teaches the psychology of criminal and personal assault, how to spot and avoid potential attacks, and tactics for escaping larger, stronger, and armed attackers. The course is based upon the training methods used by military, law enforcement, and security professionals, adapted for civilian use. The complete course contains the following modules:

  • Staying Safe  - recognizing and avoiding predators and potential violence
  • Slipping Free  - evading grabs, restraints, and abduction attempts
  • Striking Back  - when, where, and how to hit back when trapped or cornered
  • Surviving the Ground - how to recover quickly when pushed or pinnned down


The ThreatProof live course is currently offered in two formats: a single, 4-hour workshop suitable for one-day training and team-building events, or a 4-week course consisting of four, iterative 1-hour sessions. The latter option is available only in the NC triangle and surronding regions.
Both versions are suited to adults of all ages and levels of physical conditioning. Anyone medically cleared for moderate physical exercise can participate, and no prior experience or ability is assumed.

Venue Requirements

All workshops require 1000 sq ft (minimum) of clean, open floorspace. Onsite gymnasiums are ideal, though meeting rooms may also be used, provided that ventilation is adequate, and tables and chairs be cleared to create space. Workshop duration and delivery format are both flexible, and can be adjusted to fit the venue as necessary.


Cost Options

To ensure individualized attention for all participants, our standard maximum capacity for all workshops is set at 25. Larger groups can be accommodated by special arrangement.

See our workshop calendar for availability. Or, fill out our contact form, stating preferred dates and estimated numbers, and we'll be in touch.