resilience training for critical community caregivers

Clergy play a critical role in the lives of their parishioners, and their wider communities.
  StressProof for Clergy program helps clergy to become physically, mentally, and spritually stronger for the long term, and for the benefit of all


Clergy Challenges

Recent research has revealed high levels of stress and anxiety in clergy - comparable to those seen in police, fire fighters, and emergency medical professionals. This is perhaps not surprising, given the unique complexity, necessity, and gravity of their work.

Self-reported stress factors among clergy include:

  • Conflict - dealing with critical congregants and interpersonal conflict in the community
  • Demand - juggling the relentless demands and pressures of clergy life
  • Guilt - feeling ineffectual or guilty for not being able to do enough
  • Unpredictability - facing frequent relocation, unknownable job prospects, and the shifting moral and spiritual landscape of the church
  • Isolation - handling the loneliness and depression related to social and geographical isolation
  • Lifestyle - staying fit and healthy in the face of time and social pressures

Clergy Resources

Our StressProof for Clergy program provides the critical knowledge, awareness, and practical skills necessary for regaining control of your stress response. From stress education and diagnostics to stress inoculation and behavior change - the program empowers you with the tools you need to live, thrive, and face the challenges of clergy life.



Learn the underlying nature of your stress response - how it works, what triggers it, and why it seems to defy conscious control. Understand the biological drivers of conflict, and the conscious and unconscious drivers of our maladaptive behaviors.



Learn to spot symptoms and patterns of stress activation - in yourself, and in others. Learn to trust and reinforce your innate instincts and intuitions. Gain powerful new insights into your unique stress triggers, and acknowledge the habit patterns that both help and hinder your stress levels.


Learn simple, powerful, and powerful techniques for resetting and rebooting your stress response. Discover new stratgeies for de-escalating and controlling interpersonal conflict. Restructure your habits to create less stress in your life, and learn to build your innate capacity for resilience over time.