CEO and Lead Trainer


British-born author, educator, and consultant Glenn Murphy is the Director and Chief Instructor of STRESSPROOF. A prolific writer and trainer, Glenn draws from more than two decades of diverse experience in the neurobiology of stress and resilience.

He studied Genetics and Immunology at the University of Aberdeen, and earned a Masters in Science Communication from Imperial College, London. He has written news and feature articles for the science journal Nature, and managed operations and training at the National Museum of Science and Industry (UK). He spent 12 years studying Aikido in Scotland and Japan, and the last 10 years studying conflict, conditioning, and combat with elite, military trainers. And he is the author of more than 17 popular science books, published in more than 20 languages worldwide. 

As Director and Chief Instructor of STRESSPROOF, Glenn leads stress, resilience and personal protection workshops throughout North Carolina and its surrounding states. 
His current students include doctors, engineers, business executives, military and law enforcement professionals, psychologists, physical therapists, and everyday people seeking to learn more about stress and resilience. 
Past and current clients include Duke University, Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Systems, Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina, and the United Nations Security SWAT Team.